How do you classify Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ability levels?

Yes, these are very subjective terms, and what one surfer considers intermediate another surfer may consider advanced. As we wanted to provide our customers with the best possible experience, we decided it was worthwhile providing you a baseline to work from so both you, our valued customer and we, The Board Lab, are all on the same page.

For the sake of setting this baseline, we have classified 3 main levels of ability Beginner, intermediate and advanced... If you are better than advanced, you are most likely getting your boards for free.

Our interpretations are:

Beginner - you are in the early stages of what will likely turn into a rest-of-your-life obsession. You can stand up, can do a bottom turn, and are starting to link some turns together,  there’s still a bit of shakiness, but the addiction is setting in. Be prepared to start making life decisions based around how they will impact your time in the water. 

Intermediate - This is the broadest category that most of the surfing population find themselves in. You don’t consider it an addiction, as you have it under control, right? You are comfortable in most waves, and know where your limit is, although will keep pushing that limit to improve. Cutbacks, reo’s, floaters, foam climbs, barrels are all a part of your surfing.

Advanced - you have built upon solid intermediate foundations and can now comfortably get airborne, and are working your way through learning all the airs. Once you start doing things you haven’t seen other surfers do, just remember everything you are doing has already been done by a skateboarder, so ask them for naming conventions - and hit us up about a sponsorship deal. We know people.


Wave size is subjective - what do you classify as small, medium and large size waves?

Small Waves (1 - 3 foot).
Wave face up to waist height on an average adult male

Medium Waves (2 - 5 foot).
Wave face is from waist high to a bit over head high on the average adult male.

Large Waves (over 5 ft).
Double overhead and up.


 How long do surfboards last?

This depends on how much you use your board, how well you look after your board, what kind of waves you surf etc... Your board could last from 1 day or until it falls apart under your feet in 20 years.  Unfortunately any surfboard can break quite easily. Combining an uncontrollable force that mother nature produces (the waves, sand banks, reef bottoms, rock bottoms etc) and a hand made surfboard, most of the time it’s hard to pinpoint how or what exactly caused  a board to break. We do not guarantee any surfboard from breaking.


Does my new Surfboard come with fins?

No, our boards do not come with fins. You have the choice of FCSFUTURES fin systems. To purchase a set from our online store click here.


What if the board I want isn't in stock?

If the board you're after isn't in stock, drop us an email, pop in or call and the team at The Board Lab is more than happy to order you a stock board.


Can I order a custom surfboard from The Board Lab?

Yes, if you don't see the board you're after in the showroom or online. The Board Lab offers a huge range of custom options. We can take custom orders on Channel Island, Sharpeye Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards, Tolhurst Surfboards and ACSOD. 


How do I order a custom surfboard from The Board Lab?

Drop us an email, call us on (07) 5523 1830 or pop in to the The Board Lab and one of the shapers will go over the ordering process with you in detail to ensure you're getting exactly what you want. 


Do you offer EPS and/or Epoxy surfboards?

We offer both technologies in custom boards. You just need to ask.


Can I order 1,2,3,4 or 5 fin plug set up in my custom?

Yes, you can order what ever you want on your custom order.


What does the carbon patches at the tail of boards do?

Carbon patches strengthen the tail of your board. 


Can i get a spray on my custom?

Yes you can. Just let us know what you want and we'll make it happen.


How long does it to to make a board?

As a general rule of thumb, boards usually take 6-8 weeks. However, this can take longer or shorter, depending on time of year, if you're getting a spray, an extra large blank etc...


Can i change my order, if i change my mind?

If you do decide to change your mind, please contact us immediately. Depending on what you want changed, and the process you board is up to, it may be possible. Once the board has started production, we cannot change.


How can i track my boards progress?

If you would like to know exactly where your board is up to, please feel free to give us a call us on ( 07) 5523 1830 and we can tell you exactly what stage your board is at.


What is your return policy?

Please check out our returns and exchange page.


How much does shipping cost?

Price depends on where your surfboard/s and products are being shipped. Please refer to our shipping options page.


How long does it take to ship a board?

Order before 11:00pm AEST, on the east coast, you will receive your items in 1-5 business days. The rest of Australia are expected to receive your items within 3-14 business days. If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting us via our contact page. The delivery time provided by The Board Lab are estimates only. The Board Lab will not be held accountable for late deliveries or loss or damage relating to late deliveries.


How do you pack and ship your boards?

We take the upmost care when packing and sending your new board. Feel comfortable in the knowledge that we send hundreds and hundreds of boards Australia wide every year. Depending on the region in which your board is destined, we will wrap it in eco friendly bubble wrap, then either cardboard around the rails, nose and tail or straight into a box. 


How do i know my board has been shipped?

Once your board is shipped we will send through an email with all the details you need to track your precious cargo.